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Bathrooms have come a long way from being merely functional. If you’re considering remodeling or upgrading your bathroom, think about this – a recent survey found the average American spends more time per year in the bathroom than on vacation. You spend a good amount of time there, make your bathroom uniquely yours. Every bathroom in your home should be welcoming. A soothing sanctuary. The place in your home where you can regroup, relax, take time for you. It may require reconfiguring your space by taking out walls or moving plumbing, but your well-being and quality of life is worth it.

Read Full Report At Solid Home Renovation we make your place of solace a priority. We partner with our clients to create the perfect bathroom atmosphere for total relaxation. Tell us about the tub, shower enclosure, and fixtures you’ve always wanted. The walls you need to knock out to make space for the vanity or even closet space you always envisioned. Finally, the perfect flooring. Whether it be stone or ceramic tile, or a wood option it will nicely tie the entire concept together.

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